Beyond the Veil

Shamanic Visions and Runic Answers

Twice a month, I will take you on a journey, where the veil is thin and magick appears. This is a two-hour group session, that is open for anyone to attend. During our time together, we will journey, share, and discuss the runes. If time permits, you will also have the opportunity to make an inquiry of the runes.

Runic Study:

Awakening with the Runes

The Awakening with the Runes class is geared towards those individuals that are being called to the Runic path for a deeper and more personal look. Class consists of 6 lessons online or 4 lessons in a private online class or in person.


Northern Shamanic Studies

Online Class

Northern Shamanic Studies is the ongoing study of northern shamanic practices. Classes are taught in small groups of 3 or 4 or one on one.


Runic Study a prerequisite for this class.