Beyond the Veil

Shamanic Visions and Runic Answers


Schedule: 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month

Time:11am PST, 12pm MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST,7pm BMT.

£18 per session 

Whenever I hold a vision quest or journey session, people ask me what will be the purpose of this guided meditation will be. The answer to that is simple; I have no idea where I will be lead until I consult the runes at the beginning of each event.


The journey is begun as sacred space is opened by calling in the Holy quarters, then chanting the runes to sanctify the space. I place my hands on the stones and connect with energies through a chant. Then three runes are chosen and casted out. For these runes are my guide to the journey we are to take.


During the journey I will play my medicine drum and guide you to certain places within the vision. I will chant the allocated rune for these specific places and allow you to dwell in the reverence of that space. The quest will lead us to one of the Nine Worlds, or just to the Frithgarth Forest that surrounds Midgard (our every day reality).  Sometimes you travel to a place where you meet the Gods, the Faeries, Elves or even travel back in time, to discover a part of you that has been misplaced.