Begins June 29th

Awakening with the Runes

Online Class

The Awakening with the Runes class is geared towards those individuals that are being called to the Runic path for a deeper and more personal look. Class consists of 6 lessons online or 4 lessons in a private online class or in person.

Northern Shamanic Studies

Online Class

Northern Shamanic Studies is the ongoing study of northern shamanic practices. Classes are taught in small groups of 3 or 4 or one on one.


Awakening with the Runes class

is a prerequisite.

Walking the Nine Worlds

Online Journey Class

Experience the shamanic energies of the runes by participating in a guided vision quest or journey. Runes are cast to guide us to where the journey will lead us. Using the sound of my medicine drum and my voice, I will lead you to one of the of the nine worlds, or just to the Frithgarth forest that surrounds Midgard (our every day reality). 


Glastonbury, UK

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