Guided walks of Avalon with Jeremy RJ White


Walking with Wizards

Chasing Sacred Circles

Full Day Tour

Entrance fees not included

Available Mid-May through August 

Tours begin at 8am and last up to 8 hours

*email below to coordinate


Crop circle season is mid May through August, and is one of the best treasure hunts around. During this tour, we will venture out from Glastonbury towards Devizes and Avebury Stone Circle. Avebury is the epicentre of the circle phenomenon, where each day the latest sites are posted in the famous Henge Shop. Avebury is by no means just a quaint village in the Wiltshire countryside. It is the biggest stone circle in Britain engulfing the whole village and more. With West Kennet Long barrow and Silbury Hill is just a stone’s throw away. Our plan will be to chase this energy, but as we are dependent on depending on extraterrestrial or spirit to produce these anomalies we will also be visiting Sacred stone circles during our time. These sacred sites were also built as temples to the stars, linking as above and so below.


Minimum 4 people

£160 per person
5 - 6 people: £150 per person

7 + people: £145 per person - please email me to make arrangements.

(Good walking shoes and appropriate clothing for weather conditions are essential. This tour also requires a good deal of walking, therefore one must be in reasonably good shape)

Walk these lands and discover...

the magick, the mystery, the history.

Immerse yourself in the story

these lands have to tell.

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