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If you have completed the Awakening with Runes course or if you can establish deep runic knowledge and are interested in private study of Northern Shamanism, please contact me here.

Northern Shamanic Studies

24 monthly classes over a two year period (payment options - quarterly or yearly)

The curriculum for Northern Shamanic Training is available for individuals who have taken my Awakening with the Runes course or whom are already deeply familiar with the power and knowledge of the Elder Futhark Runes.


This is an ongoing two-year ONLINE course where one will learn the tools to follow a sacred shamanic path as was followed by our northern European ancestors.


Class Cost is £360 every 3 months (£120 per class) or you may pay for a year in advance for £1.235 (£103 per class) 

*price above does includes 2.9% credit card processing fees which will be applied at time of purchase

To receive registration link, please email me at

Northern Shamanic Studies will consist of a total of 24 classes over a two year period. After the completion I will have Odin guide me as who the select few are to take on The Quest of the Dragon Runes the highest level of runic knowledge. This involves going back to the beginning and unlearning the basic meaning of each rune and then absorbing the Dragon energy of each. I will share no other information on this topic until it is time.

As you will touch the consciousness of all living things, individuals will need to be committed to the course of study with a deep dedication for the teachings and the community/tribe you will be immersed in. To receive true shamanic enlightenment, one must walk between the realms, face your shadows and be willing to do the work in order to heal. Courage and self-discipline are needed to do this inner work as is your commitment to the study and dedication to these teachings.


Before you are accepted for this course, you must either have completed my Awakening with the Runes course or we must connect for a private twenty-minute session so that I may assess your level of runic knowledge which is essential to taking part in the class. If your runic knowledge is not at a level that would allow you to walk full protected with necessary knowledge, I would encourage you to step away and immerse yourself in a deeper personal study and consult back with me at a later time. If you would like to schedule a consult, please email me at to coordinate a time.


You may also choose enroll in my next class offering of Awakening withthe Runes, which will begin November 13, 2016.


All students are expected to transfer their notes and teachings into their own Grimoire (Book of Odin) in the runic script so if an individual (non-magical) comes across it, it will make no sense to them. Most classes in both the Awakening with the Runes and Northern Traditional Studies are recorded with access allowed to review via password.


The teachings of the Northern Shamanic ways are very powerful tools on the road to enlightenment and should be deeply respected. Only those that have a true desire to learn and tap into this expansive knowing should place their inquiry. This magick is not to be taken lightly and should be deeply respected and honoured. Once you have mastered the techniques within these teachings you can bring about amazing changes in your life and the lives of those who come into contact with you.

I have attained this knowledge from the gods and it is my role to make sure it is passed on to those that are worthy of the ancient ways. I have been gifted this magic in visions and reacquired it from the shadows of the past.


Please value it as holy and sacred and use it with integrity. This is all I require of you to partake of my training.

Brief class overview:


We will discuss how to deal with spirits, shades and demons and how to know when you are not to get involved with a certain energy or individual. We will touch on the energy of scrying, psychometry, tea-leaves, card reading, crystal balls, water divination. séance and medium-ship work. For these are all energies that will be crossed while on a shamanic path.


  • Runes and Galdr and Nature 

​Reading, chanting, clearing space and ecstatic trance on each rune. I will briefly incorporate some of the Stanzas in this section (Stanza are the runic stances that enhance the power of the chanting, somewhat like yoga)​

  • Helm Work 

​Once we understand the energy of the runes we will move onto helm work, binding the runes, the helm of awe, the secret prayer wheel and the 8 directions of Northern medicine.

  • Runic Chant Healing 

Theory and practice of runes seen in the aura and indicating certain imbalances.

  • The Nine Sacred Herbs 

Recognition, purposes, ingestion and meeting the plant spirit of each of the Nine Sacred Herbs.

  • Working with and meeting the Gods

Discovers the Gods, your role and the archetype that is your teacher.


Once a satisfactory knowledge of all of the above subjects is attained we will move on to the following:


  • Celtic Tree Ogham of the Druids

Starting with a weekend workshop where the stories of the elders will be told, visions taken and where students will take on the role of the bard. We will cover The Legends of the Celtic Tribes, the gods and goddesses and the battle of the trees, The Ulster Cycle, The Bardship of Taliesin and the Cauldron of Cerridwen for all must be understood. ​

  • The Sacred Celtic Herbs

  • Combining Runes and Ogham

At this stage we are ready to truly open the doors to the faerie realm and begin to understand and use the Magick of the Fae and Elvin races with use of all of the attained knowledge of readings, helms, prayers and medicine. 

  • Contemplation and understanding of the 18 Charms of Odin


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