Many people equate the runes to the tarot cards but the Elder Futhark Runes are thousands of years older. They are not only used as a divination tool but sacred talisman, for healing chants and the performance of ceremony and prayer.

This sacred alphabet is the tool box of everything you need to teach, heal, guide and divine. To speak directly with the Gods or your ancestors who came before.


Won by sacrifice, himself to himself, nine long nights Odin hung on the World Tree to claim the runes for his people. US!

Each letter has a divination meaning, a magical ability, a mythical story, a sacred plant and a time of the year connected to it. So these holy tools are all I need to do my work as a Shaman.


Whether a reading, to be healed, to sit in counsel or guided on a vision quest to another time or realm, it is the runes I use.

Their sound is a frequency that resonates through our soul, I chant and sing them to reactivate our DNA, to remember who we were, to recognize that all the elements to aid our own transformation exist all around us in the nature and flora of the land.


The Elder Futhark Runes are the symbols or alphabet of the ancient tribes of Northern Europe consisting of 24 symbols with each rune having an individual sound and more importantly, a defined spiritual meaning. Just as A is to apple and B is to ball in the modern alphabet, the runic system offers something deeper and more profound. For example, at first look, Ansur or “A” is for answers and Beorc or “B” is for beginnings, and so forth. Yet runes and their meanings go much deeper than what first appears.


Chant the runes and raise the vibration and energies associated with each symbol. Stand in a runic stanza and you channel the energy of each and read in combinations, the runes reveal psychic messages and talk directly with spirit. The combination of runic sigels meld the runic healing energies together so that individuals can receive the guidance for specific problems and challenges they are facing in their lives, for this is exactly the use the runes were gifted to us for.

Our ancestors used this system to connect with their Gods, the Æsir, as the runes were a direct link to the higher beings that governed their world Midgard; meaning Middle Earth as translated into modern English.


Runic names and messages were carved on weapons, worn as talismans about the body and tattooed onto the skin, as we continue to see today. Runes were used in prayers where they were asked for guidance for the future. There are several documented accounts of runes being cast by a shaman before the start of a battle, asking the Gods for a good outcome or the direction for the best course of action. They were also used in the healing process by medicine men/women when practicing their craft on their tribe and kindred.


Recently, a major archaeological site was discovered in Bosnia - of three pyramids were found dating back some 11,000 years. Inside the heart of the largest structure, they found runes carved on the walls indicating that these magical symbols are much older than ever thought.


For myself, I use the runes daily in every aspect of my personal shamanic practice as well in the teaching of others on how to reconnect to the incredible wealth of knowledge and healing that the runes possess and which we have inherited from our ancestors. I believe the time has arrived that will herald a new runic age, a time to honor this precious gift left to us by those who came before.


The Elder Futhark Runes