People ask me... What is it I do? How can I assist them?

The answer is simple: I assist in connection, offering a link back to the healing energy of the land. I allow clients access to the wisdom of our ancestors. Whether by using my runes in council session, drumming as I lead them on a vision quest or guiding them as we walk upon sacred sites, the objective is always the same: Awakening. I am a gatekeeper who opens doors that lead into a greater understanding of individuals, and humanity.


30 Minute Online Reading

60 Minute Online Reading

Readings in person in Glastonbury

at Yin Yang on High Street


Awakening with the Runes

Northern Shamanic Training

Walking the Nine Worlds Journey Class


Wise Counsel


Healing Waters - May, 2018

Chasing Sacred Circles - July, 2018

In the Footsteps of Arthur - Oct, 2018

Custom Retreats Available

Walking Tours

Walking with Wizards: Guided walks through the enchanted lands of Avalon, and beyond!

Custom Runes & Talismans

Custom Rune Sets


Sacred Spiritual Tools




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