Wise Counsel

3 Hours/One Month

Online or Phone


3 Month Commitment

Online or Phone


Wise Counsel is a mentoring program where I take on the role of your medicine man, shaman, priest, or guardian who guides you through the chaotic, stressful, transformational and difficult times of your life. The medicine man's role is to the serve others and this is a role that I gladly embrace. Allow me to serve you by sharing the ancient wisdom I have been gifted to tap into, attained by the dedication and authenticity of my own personal path and experiences.

For me to assist in providing counsel as you face life's decisions in an honour. Each Wise Counsel session is a time when we participate in readings, healing and journeys together. We all have our role within the tribe, each has their own position. As you put your heart and soul into your own discovery, it is important to understand the medicine that you yourself contain. 

When you choose Wise Counsel, we will schedule one 60-minute session, three 30-minute sessions and three 10-minute 'quick fix' calls.


  • Three Hours / One Month: Online or Phone: £300

    • One 1-hour session

    • Two 30-minute sessions

    • Three 20-minute phone calls or online chats

    • After our first session together, we will create a schedule for the remaining time available it the energy allows this. ​ Remnants of remaining time are not carried over to the following month.Upon registering for this option, you will receive a detailed email on how to schedule your initial session. 

  • Three Month Commitment: £800

    • This o​ption has been set up for those individuals who are looking for ongoing monthly support along their journey. Learn the Runes is part of this path, so that I can help guide you to learn how to guide yourself. Please email me if you are interested: