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Student Portal - June Session

Journey into an AWAKENING of the Magick of the old way of the North

  • Discover & strengthen your psychic abilities & magical gifts

  • Learn and integrate the wisdom from the ancient archetypal stories

  • Activate the magic of Avalon within you, and pierce into its mysteries

  • Overcome fear and limiting beliefs, and find confidence in your natural spiritual gifts

In this 4 week course, you will meet twice a week with Frank Jay & Jeremy RJ White via Zoom, for a two-hour training that includes but not limited to; learning the ancient stories, training your psychic abilities, and journey into vision quests of Avalon, while working with Runic wisdom. 
You also have the chance to be counseled privately from Jeremy and receive your own spiritual rune readings and guidance, as well as work with Frank Jay to process any shadow work such as fear or self-sabotage and find confidence in your ability to speak and own your truth.
This is a calling for those that have it in their heart and in their blood to return home to the ancient realms of magic and mystery.
The magic and medicine of the Northern Gateway. 
Only 24 spots available for the program.
Price is $444 or £360
Classes will be held at 2pmMST on Monday’s & Thursday’s, beginning June 29th.
(They will be recorded)
To apply & learn more fill out the application below.