From The Archive: 5th November 2016

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Looking through old blog posts, I came across this one from this time four years ago. It could have been written in these current times, so what better time to start sharing some memories from my archive!

So I have not blogged since August and for that I am sorry. I was just caught up in the turmoil of World Affairs, absorbing all the information and disinformation available to us any moments of the night and day. The big question is what can I do about it, other than rant on like a loon and drive my poor, sweet Julie nuts? The answer is to react differently, to see things differently, not to be lost in the chaos of it all but to stand back, take a deep slow breath, collect my thoughts, and make a positive decision.

On Samhain eve I was not on the Tor or even in Glastonbury but sat on the Long Barrow at Uphill, Weston-Super-Mare. Sending medicine to help my Red brothers and sisters at Standing Rock, allowing my spirit to travel and be with them in the shield wall, protecting the sacred lands.

This morning I was really struggling with world events. I journeyed on this situation and went to sit with Odin to ask for guidance. Myself, Goll, Frigga, Freyja, Thor and Odin were sitting around the council fire, we all stared into the flames. I opened my mouth to talk, to tell them of all the things of injustice that are happening in Midgard but Odin just put his finger over his lip and said "Shhhhhh little brother, you were born in this time, it is the world you deserve. The Norns are not fools, they placed you there for a reason. The candle cannot be burned at both ends for too long, something has to give and for the excesses of the last fifty years the payment is now due.

The gift we have blessed you with is the WORD... Not to dribble out your mouth in idle moaning of discontentment which only fuel the fires of dis-ease, but to calm, still the hearts and minds of others. To explain that living in the moment is the only way to live.

So call your tribe together, those who are lost, those who are slaves to the coin, held tightly in the claws of Fafnir (The Dragon of greed). Help them free themselves, help them see the wealth in the smile of a child, the value of love, of friends, of brothers and sisters... The true value of the TRIBE." He nodded at me, as did all the others, the All Father clapped his hands, and I was back in Midgard.

My vision echoed to me some word written in the Havamal (The book of Odin).

"Never envy a man who has much gold, for luck comes and goes with the season. Envy the man who has may sons for he will live forever."

There are three different ways to have off-spring: By Blood, by Love, or by Teachings. Each is equally important. The example we set for the young, our students, our peers, for the next generation can change mankind for the better.

It is our friends and family that are our true wealth and our best defence from the sorrows of the world.

So, embrace the love of those who we call kin in one way or another.

Blessings All,


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