Updated: Sep 11, 2020

As Imbolc awakens the lands and light returns once more, our World seems in a bigger flux than usual. So laying in bed the yesterday I decided to journey on the current state of affairs...

Instantly I was walking with my Polar bear though a crisp winter wood. It was early morning and I could hear the crackle of a fire and the laughter of men. As we approached the gathering, I recognized one as Goll, there were another other two warming themselves by the flames. Goll looked up and beckoned us nearer but the White bear stayed where he was and only I joined the fireside.

For those of you who don't know, Goll is my spirit Shaman, he manifested in my life many years ago, it is he who has taught me most of what I have come to teach. Goll spoke.

“Join us little brother, take your place at our fire. This is Ukan.” He pointed to a middle aged raggedy man with a huge black moustache, who nodded in my direction. “And this is Toki” Goll gestured to a young man in his twenties who had no facial hair at all but a kind, gentle face.

“Who are we little Brother? I am old, he is younger and he is young.”

"You are a male representation of the Norns, Urd, Verdandi and Skald... Was, Is and Becoming”, I said.

“Very good, and what are we doing?"

They were sitting around a cauldron and staring into the liquid inside. I took a glance myself. The fluid flowed separately as three different colours, a bright vibrant green, a muddy dark green and solid thick black.

“What do you think will happen if I stir the pot?” Goll asked.

“The colours will merge and all become the dull green,” I answered.

“Watch!” Goll took his staff and stirred the cauldron, instead of it becoming the muddy green sludge, the whole contents became the wonderful lush green. “Do you understand Little Brother?”

“No, not really.”

"The green is Nature, The black is Man, the middle ground is what man has done and is continuing to do. When we stir it up nature takes over. So whatever crap man has done, it cannot be repaired by man. It is too late, only Nature can re-balance, repair and cleanse the planet. It is past the point of no return and Man will be humbled by her power and glory. Time to sit back and enjoy the ride because we no longer navigate this path, no longer captains of the ship. It was an illusion to ever think we were. Time for the medicine folk to hold space and prepare to the time when Tokiand his children will dwell in the Forests.”

“Goll I am not sure if I can do this?”, I replied.

“Yes you can or should I say Ukan. Live in the moment and make sure the wisdom is passed on. Even the bear is afraid of what is coming and nobody said this path would be easy. Farewell Little Brother.”

I woke form my vision and tried to make sense of this glimpse of wisdom. Mother nature is stirring and waking the Dragon to clean house. What form that Dragon takes, who knows but she is on her way.

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