My Path to The Northern Gateway

For as far back as I can remember on my spiritual path, I have wanted to combine the magic of the Red and White Dragons with the healing light of Avalon in a tribal collective. Not until lock down did this dream become a reality. I was working with the rune Hagelaz to go deep into study at a time of storm and delay. I was reading as many old manuscripts as I could, going over old stories and finding new ones.

For each story I memorize to memory and slowly over time make mine, in the way I tell it and allow its magic to flow. I once more came across the “Illucidacien” the lost book of the Grail by Chrétien de Troyes, a bard and poet from the 13th century. Within this unfinished tale he speaks of the grail quest and the breaking of the Faerie Accord. This shattering of the contract between divine feminine and divine masculine fascinated me.

I had just sold my American class a RV, who had strangely enough she told me she was called Hildegard and I was very sad to see her go. Me and Hildegard had become great friends. Anyway back to the Faerie Accord, this unfinished work had had four other authors try and finish it and fail, The last being Hildegard of Bremen in 1436, I understood why Hildegard was contacting me through a large vehicle parked in Avalon. Somehow, someway I would find a few more lines to add to the Faerie Accord.

Within a day I was sharing this knowledge with Frank Jay who was in lock down in Guatemala. There and then we decided to start the Northern Gateway, to open the portals to Avalon to share these ancient texts, the mysteries of the grail and the magic of the Faeries. We wanted to build a community whose sole aim was heal the damage and for us to become back in balance with the Holy Mother (Nature) and find a better way to live.

The Northern Gateway was born as a small group and is now 60+ strong, please if you feel called to something bigger gather by the fire with us and hear the ancient tales and use their wisdom to guide us in our troubled times.

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