Strange visions in a time of turmoil...

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The world is burning and we are all guilty of doing nothing. Yes, we want to do something but we wont give up our car, our holiday flights, our incessant need for more things. Our planet has changed in my lifetime, we need to find a way to live in harmony with nature, just like our ancestors did. A balanced shamanic approach to life is the answer. Where we understand the consciousness of all things and that all life, plant or animal is important in that natural balance.

I have had my rant, so now on to the strange visions bit.

My dream took me to a university of magical studies and I was holding a class. My students were indigenous people of many cultures. I was talking of the Northern path of Odin and specifically the runes. I went to draw on a whiteboard but found my arms being pulled behind me, both arms as if tethered at the elbows and a strong force pinning them back.

I tuned to see who was restraining me, but no student was close. I looked at a Mexican medicine man who was smiling, I knew it was him and asked him why he was doing this but he just laughed, as did all the other students. I needed to escape from the room. Out in the corridor where a group of women in red cloaks who I have encountered in visions before were gathered. They also laughed at the lost of my powers and revelled in my confusion. I proceeded outside into the snowy night where I observed the class through a window.

A young, native American was now leading the class and explaining the meaning of animal totems ( I had also met him before in the real world, A Cherokee who had told me that no White-eyes could ever have medicine). I saw my runic staff and those I had brought as gifts for others, flung into the corner and broken. It was as if my path, my teachings was being mocked. One of the students saw me at the window and they all rose to pursue me, merging with the group of cloaked women as one huge mob.

It was now snowing heavily and I have changed in to a thick set heavier version of Odin come Father Christmas, I was covered in many furs and riding a huge white horse decorated with ribbons and an array of bells that jingled as the horse moved.

My pursuers had now morphed into a pack of wild wolves on a frenzied hunt for my blood. As I rode, I gave off a rainbow type aura that scattered like a floating dust behind me, which sparkled and glistened in the night air.

As I approached the sanctuary of ancient wild wood, my attackers were closing fast. One, a black wolf , well ahead of the rest. Immediately as I entered the forest I bellowed loudly.

“I am Odin the All Father.... Father of All!”

As these words were spoken, I became all at once the voice and one with the forest itself, The pack of hungry wolves all piled into one another and turn tailed and ran for their lives as the forest spoke and chastised them. Then I awoke from my dream and tried to make sense of the lesson.

So now I will try and explain what the Gods were trying to show me.

Firstly over the last couple of months I have had encounters with people who speak loudly and proudly of their own gods and beliefs. I listen but never force or big-up my Gods to them. Then I have come across several groups resistant to any medicine coming from the North, or White Northern Europeans. I believe it is now time to sing the praise, the song of my Gods. Each man or woman's path is sacred to them alone and must be honoured. Unless we can understand that, until we all come together as one rainbow tribe we cant heal the planet. Until we understand that each of us is integral to the over all plan and must take the place as a piece in the jigsaw.

My God is Odin, my people of the North and my path is worthy of praise. I am honoured to share their teachings and medicine and ALL are welcome to sit by my fire and hear the tales of my ancestors.

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