Retreats with Jeremy RJ White

Using the magic of the Elder Futhark My retreats are arranged to create opportunities to walk through numerous doorways of energies from long ago. Rune stones and the tales of the Ancient Isle of Avalon, we will walk you through the veil bringing to life the magic and mystery of the lands and our ancestors, awakening a knowing that has long been forgotten.


I would be honoured to guide you across the lands of Avalon, to let you experience, if but for a brief moment, the energy of the land that I am blessed to walk. To spin my tales of ancient times, offering profound wisdom and lessons for us in our modern world.


If you are feeling called to attend any one of these special gatherings, please schedule a short 15 minute online Zoom session where we can explore together what the runes have to say about your attendance.


Blessings, Jeremy White


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Walking with Merlin

Four-Night Retreat

October 6th thru 10th


Tintagel, Merlin's Cave, Bodmin Moor, Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury Tor

Lodging: 2 nights in Cornwall - 2 nights in Glastonbury

We begin in Cornwall, walking in the steps of Arthur, taking a pilgrimage to the place of his mythical birth. Prepare yourself for the unseen as the doorways open to the knowledge, the magick and healing as you experience all there is for you to experience. After all, this is a personal journey...

While in Cornwall, we will rest our heads at Camelot Castle, located just a stone's throw from the magic of Merlin's Cave and Titangel Castle. We will ask the land's permission to explore them. The dramatic views of northern coastline will mesmerize you and take you back in time as you envision masted vessels out at sea and local trade in port. As we walk expect to encounter the dragon energy of Kernow, the whispering silence of the isolated ancient circles of Bodmin Moor, and visit the Hurlers Stone Circles.

Cornwall is where Arthur is linked with the Winter King, who rises on this night and leads the wild hunt across shadowy land. Arthur, Odin and Gwynn Ap Nude are all linked with the festival of the Wild Hunt. A time of year where abundance and health gives way to magick and learning. This is a great time to get lost in the mysteries of the land.

We will visit the legendary place of Arthur's burial and the sacred site of Camelot. Many argue King Arthur was a Scot, Welsh or even an Englishman. Regardless, I believe his story touched all from the Northern Wall, to the mountains of Wales and on into the Somerset Levels.

​Next, we will head to Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the world. Here we explore the mystical energy of this place and the magic of the Tor. Our time here will include a guided tour of Avalon; Glastonbury Tor, Orchards of Avalon, Jesus Field, and the Holy Thorn Tree.  We will explore the Chalice Well Gardens, walking the grounds and have a ceremony in the White Spring.


Ceremony is a very big part of all my retreats. In ceremony, we connect with spirit, the land and our ancestors. As we walk and perform ceremonies in the lands of Avalon we will feel the magick come alive and in doing so heal our own wounds.