This is a 6-session self-directed class. Below, you will find the access points to the prerecorded sessions, which you can take at your own pace. Your access to this page will be valid for 6 weeks. 


After each class, you may email me one or two questions. At the end of the sixth session, you can schedule a 30-minute one-on-one session where we will discuss any of the questions you may have, which is included as part of the class.


If at any time during this self-directed class, you would like to have an additional 30-minutes session to discuss your visions or the runes directly, the additional cost would be £50 pounds each. Please use the button below to schedule an additional in person 30-minute session:



Self Directed

Awakening with the Runes

Class One: Freya's Aett

Runes 1 thru 4

Class Two: Freya's Aett

Runes 5 thru 8

Class Three: Heimdall's Aett

Runes 9 thru 12

Class Four: Heimdall's Aett

Runes 13 thru 16

Class Five: Heimdal's Aett

Runes 17 thru 20

Class Six: Heimdal's Aett

Runes 21 thru 24