Hand-crafted & Sacredly Blessed Tools:

Pendants, Rune Sets & Talismans

Each rune set, pendant or talisman has been through a ceremony of intent.
Cleansed with mugwort, blessed with prayer then buried 
on the Tor, to be born again from the earth of

Avalon to become part of its magic!

It is my honor to be in the shamanic field. My approach is to always consult the runes and Odin. Within these magical tools the choice and direction of the medicine will be disclosed and the form of healing will be indicated.


For every vision quest I lead for a group or individual, it is Odin who decides what you experience, so no two visions are ever the same. A client cannot come to me and say I need a soul retrieval, I ask Odin and he informs me of the path to take, It may well be a soul gathering but it could be a number of many options.


I hold ceremonies for blessing homes and new businesses. house clearing is once again will be directed by Odin. I visit the property, tune in runically and them perform the appropriate rituals, blessings and abstractions.


I also design and create helms and sigils for protection, abundance, healing and direction. These are made individually for each new client.





Ceramic Rune sets


Ceramic Talismans


Shamanic Ceremonial



Each of these pendants or rune set below are blessed and buried at either two places...

In and around the Sacred site of Glastonbury (for healing, protection and spiritual guidance)

or at Uphill in Weston Super Mare, where the Great Heathen Army made their Winter camp in 878A.D.

where the body of Ubba Ragnarson lies. ( for courage, determination and to honour your ancestors.



A beautifully designed Raven knot evolving around a heavy Thor's hammer and being supplied on a braided leather Dragon cord.

Symbol of protection with the added wisdom of Odin's Ravens 


with Steel Chain


with Dragon Cord

Thor's hammer in a heavy zinc alloy, the traditional protection charm, with Dragon cord 



Thor's hammer in a heavy zinc alloy, the traditional protection charm, comes with a steel chain, £55 ( for Dragon cord add £10)



This is the symbol of guidance and decisive action, perfect for any warrior



A simple but sleek design and just as protective, asking Thor to watch over you



These are for courage and guidance and are only blessed on the burial mound of Ubba.



The wisdom of the raven and the guidance of Vegvisir, the Norse compass to guide you safely home.



The broad headed axe with the Othel rune upon it, for the wisdom and protection of the Allfather.



Smaller rune set, blessed by the lands of Avalon and the ancestors.