Student Portals

If you are a current student of mine, you will be able to access all class videos and documents discussed through the appropriate class link below. Classes are recorded on a case by case class scenario.


It is my request that you honor these portals as you would honor spirit, with integrity and authenticity and not share with those that are not participating in the class room or individual study of my teachings. 


I walk the path of Odin and individuals who are called to study must understand that there is great respect when dealing with the magick of spirit work and the honoring of these teachings.




2019 Northern Shamanic Studies Group

2020 Northern Shamanic Studies Group

Summer 2020

Awakening with the Runes

Winter 2020

Awakening with the Runes

LG- Private Class

Francis Family

Self-Directed Study

Awakening with the Runes

The Northern Gateway

Session One

The Northern Gateway

Rune Study

Session One

The Northern Gateway

Session Two


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