I just wanted to thank you, again, sooo much for our power hour last night. It was exactly what I needed and so much more. (as we were led to discover....) You are amazingly talented. Your integrity and dedication to your trade are beyond reproach. Meghan Kennedy and I are honored and blessed to know you and have the opportunity to study with you. You provide us with the tools needed to navigate our Spiritual journeys with confidence, skill and grace.

— feeling grateful at One Madison Park

Across there board there are not enough words that I can aptly express for the amazingly kind, clear and concise reading I had via Skype just recently. Earlier this summer I had a reading with Jeremy in person, but this time, I was in need of a quick look and Skype provided the access I needed. Within moments, it was clear how spot on the reading was as it pertained to a specific family member that was in need of assistance. I was in awe of the accuracy of the reading without my sharing any back story whatsoever. With gratitude Jeremy... ~ Portland



Thank you Jeremy! I am simply Amazed! You are definitely one of the Spiritual Mentors I have dreamed of meeting to increase my knowledge & awareness! I can't wait to learn/work with you! BB! ~ Angie Izabelle 

I have had multiple readings and completed the first course, "Awakening with the Runes" with Jeremy. I can honestly say that Jeremy is one of the most gifted and knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he a remarkable shaman with incredible depths of knowledge, but he is a brilliant teacher, and a wonderful human being.

I am always somewhat skeptical of metaphysical teachers, but I quickly learned that he is incredibly down to earth (not the airy fairy woo woo type) but at the same time warm and caring. He is the real deal. He shares wisdom freely and without judgement. He operates with the highest of integrity and teaches his students to do the same.

I knew nothing about the runes before taking his class, and I am amazed at how easy and accessible he made the class for each of us to grasp. I can sincerely recommend whoever is even remotely considering taking his class to just do it. It will be one of the most magical, empowering, and beautiful classes you may ever take. His class opened the doorway for me to embark on a great pathway of learning  and it has been exhilarating.  Enjoy!

Bess Smith

Samantha Kolinski This is an incredible, powerful course in Runes. Like learning a whole language.... and a lot more. ~ Samantha Kolinski 

I wanted to give a big shoutout, and a big THANK YOU, to one of the most gifted teacher and shaman I have the privilege to work with, Jeremy White.


18 months ago I got an Akashic Reading done, and I am told I need to go study the RUNES with Jeremy. I knew nothing of the Runes at the time. I started training with him and this is still an ongoing process. I realized that Odin, whom Jeremy channel, was close to me since I was a little child through my dog, called Odin, who was like a dear soul protector and best friend with me for 14 years.


I learned thanks to Jeremy how to read the runes and tune into them, and started to dive in their energy. Jeremy has a very unique way to allow his students to learn how to trust their own intuition and their own way to work with the Runes. 6 months ago the Runes started to be very "active" in me, and they started to change the way I do healing & Reiki by asking me to sing them, and now to draw them during healing. Recently they also started to show me some plants they like to work with. The Runes, the Northern Gods, the magical energy of healing they carry, are now taking over and guiding me to new directions.

Jeremy is starting a new class to learn the Runes (he only does this twice a year I think). So if the above inspire you, if the Runes are calling you, if you want to learn from an incredible teacher, I promise you that you will get an extraordinary ride from someone unique (and his personal story is btw so inspiring). I think if you are a healer or looking for guidance, wisdom & healing, the Runes can bring all this into your life.


~Guillaume Gauthereau


Thank you so much, Jeremy White, for your amazing teachings and the visions you led us through to meet the true essence of each rune. The time I was blessed to spend with you as your runic student will forever be one of my most treasured memories. As I go forth into my future with the runes, I give thanks for you. You are a truly gifted teacher, and I bow to your humility and to your Light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ~ Raven Keyes

One of the most life changing classes I have ever taken. Jeremy White is a powerful yet humble teacher. He teaches from the heart. If you feel called to the runes or this path at all please check him out. You won't regret it! ~ Jamie Raley

Just had my first Rune class with Jeremy White tonight and loved every moment of it! Jeremy is truly a very special teacher. His vision, focus, clarity and intuition is remarkable. Jeremy is truly gifted. I am certain a Rune reading with him could really help and inspire as well! I feel so much gratitude to have this life changing, inspiring opportunity to study with him. If you are called to study the Runes, I recommend this class. ~ Michelle Lords

Jeremy is incredible rune master and after my lesson with him my life shifted dramatically into a new phase, the runes do far more than divination and this will be unmissable having meditation and discussion with Jeremy as teacher, book early folks! ~ Lorraine Doherty