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Walking with Wizards

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My name is Jeremy R J White, founder of this feast “Walking With Wizards”. I am a Northern Shaman, Psychic Reader, Healer, Teacher and published author of “Raising the Runes, A Shamanic Journey through Avalon.” I have lived a story of sequential and magical events at the hand of the magical lands of Avalon and have a passion to help other explore the magick of this sacred isle.

At “Walking with Wizards” each or our guides has in depth knowledge of the stories, legends and magical tales that saturate the history of this part of the Sacred Isle. But more, much more than this, they are all truly land guardians in their own right, following shamanic, druidic and magical paths in their daily lives and are encouraged to share their own stories and ideas about each individual site. Our guides are capable of not just reeling

off a prepared script, but of opening up sacred space, communing with the

land spirits and helping you to un-code the magical visions and messages our

clients often experience.

Our tours are events where ancient yarns awaken as you stroll through the

enchanted landscape of South West England. Knights, Dragons, Wizards,

Warlocks, Rebellion and Romance all bubble just beneath the surface,

waiting for the whisper of their long-forgotten ghosts to be heard. 


Tour Options

Amazing Walking Tour of Avalon

A three-hour walking tour of the Glastonbury Tor and the surrounding area...


South Cadbury 


A four-hour tour of South Cadbury Castle, and Arthur's Camelot...


Cornwall, Tintagel, Merlins Cave

Full day tour visiting Tintagel, Merlin's Cave, St Nectans Glen and more...


Chasing Sacred Circles

Full-day tour available

Mid-May through August


Custom Tour Inquiry

Let me be your guide for a tour catered specific to your needs and vision.


Custom Retreat Inquiry

Custom retreat options available upon special request.

Walk these lands and discover...

the magick, the mystery, the history.

Immerse yourself in the story

they have to tell.

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